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Just got back from performing at The Anachronism: Wonderland meets Oz, an epic steampunk event at Webster Hall on Sunday earlier this week. The splendiferously talented fashion designer Kristin Costa lent me her Queen of Hearts costume to wear for the event. Here are some photos of the outfit below, taken by Jerry Bennett.

The event theme also alludes to a Psyche Corp. song about a battle between Wonderland and Oz.

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Bitstrip- Phoenix

Announcing the new Steampunk Exhibition Ball LJ Community & Event Website!

COME & JOIN US... we need more Steampunk Goths! SERIOUSLY!

Salutations to our varied and creative tinkerers, rough riders, scientists, airship pirates, strowlers, steamy goths, and steampunk enthusiasts!

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Don't forget to also join our Official Steampunk Exhibition Ball LiveJournal Community, where you can get up to date news flashes about the event and network with folks who are attending or performing!

We're looking forward to seeing you and sharing with you the eclectic tastes of Pac-NW Steampunks, Makers, Musicians, and Artists... hope to see you there!

Your Humble Conventions Promoter,
Ms J

PS- And just in case you have not heard, STEAMCON's theme this year is Weird, Weird West! Check 'em out at and
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new song from Psyche Corp.

Psyche Corporation has just released an unusual new song which incorporates poliovirus DNA into its percussion (there's a reason why it's poliovirus in particular, but the answer is a long story). You can listen to it streaming at
The song's name is "Pound of Flesh". (Lyrics here.)

Psyche Corporation is part of the Gilded Age Records steampunk music label and its music has often been described as dark victorian fairytale science fiction.

To say a little more about "Pound of Flesh", it is themed on the risks and sacrifices that sometimes come with accessing knowledge or making knowledge accessible to others, and takes the general form of a talk the narrator is having with her disease.

Hope you enjoy!

photo of Psyche Corporation by Kyle Cassidy, clothing by KVO Designs.

Red Hand Assemblage

Red Hand Assemblage Showing Hand

This artwork is three in one.

The box/dual frame: I labored hard for over a week on the box, which is a very sturdy hand-built, hand-stained, hand-varnished, hand-waxed chunk of quality hardwood (heartwood select pine base and birch sides). It not only serves as a box (if you would want to use it as such a thing), but as a self-contained double frame which requires no wall hanging. It is perfect for a coffee table, end table, mantle, dining table or most any flat surface you would like to display it on... and it is so sturdy in construction that you won't be freaking out if people get near it.

Red Hand Assemblage Showing Both

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photo from my show yesterday

taken by Anna Fischer, who kicks ass with photography.

That is probably the most hourglass picture ever taken of me, or close to it.

A little explanation: I was performing as Psyche Corporation yesterday at Webster Hall in Manhattan, and Anna managed to take some photos of me before I had to go onstage and get all sweaty. I am wearing a size 18 inch corset in this picture, which is perhaps why my body looks so odd. This is what happens when you are a recreational corset model.

Anna Fischer:

Psyche Corp. show at Webster Hall in Manhattan TOMORROW/TODAY SUNDAY July 11

Psyche Corporation is performing on Sunday July 11th at Webster Hall in Manhattan. Psyche Corp. is a recent addition to Gilded Age Records (the steampunk music label) and last performed at the debut of Dorian's Parlor, an ongoing steampunk event in Philly. At the show this Sunday, we are performing with a professional dance company for the first time, with especially excellent choreography for two of our songs:

The Ceiling, a narrative about a hotel going insane, available for free mp3 download here: (just scroll down to the information about our latest album, Pretend, where The Ceiling features.

Pound of Flesh, a song from our next album, describing a dialogue between a patient and her illness, interwoven with riveting piano compositions and tribal singing as well as the DNA of the poliovirus embedded in the percussion. This song is so new it hasn't been mastered yet, so the only place you can hear it is from the audience at a Psyche Corp. show.

Now we briefly interrupt this announcement with a photo from a recent Psyche Corp. shoot (red pieces made by neo-vintage fashion designer Claire Sanders, who is showing soon at a steampunk fashion show in Philly):

...and we're back! Important show information below:

Psyche Corporation is performing on July 11th, Sunday (that's tomorrow or today depending on when you read this) at Webster Hall, the Grand Hall (biggest room), from 5:30-5:50pm during the QAS fashion show (yes the same one that Mayfaire Moon is showing at).

Time: SUNDAY July 11th, from 5:30pm-5:50pm
Location: Grand Hall (biggest room) in Webster Hall 125 East 11th Street, between 3rd and 4th avenue, near the Union Square subway stop.
Doors: $15 at the door, $10 if you order online at

Facebook event:


Hope you can stop by!

photos from show last saturday

Dorian's Parlor had its debut on Saturday in Philly. I performed there as Psyche Corporation (steampunk/cyberpunk music) and modeled later in the fashion show for KVO Designs. Here are some photos!

"The Blue Princess and the White Princess" photo by Jerry Bennett.

I (the princess) am wearing the performing outfit for Psyche Corporation and April is wearing an outfit by one of the designers at the steampunk fashion show.

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Gilded Age Records now on Facebook

For those of you that haven't heard, Gilded Age Records is a community of artists that share a common bond of old world influence in their music. From Steampunk, Cabaret, Swing, Neo-Classical, Martial-Industrial, and everything in between. We currently feature forty international artists all bearing unique styles and sounds.

And now you can follow all of our artists via our new Facebook group.

The main site is located at: and our MySpace with a free mp3 player is at: