Guinevere (parallel_rose) wrote in steamgoth,

Psyche Corporation's Last un-sponsored Manhattan show

Psyche Corporation, of the Gilded Age Records Steampunk music label, is performing in Manhattan on Thursday, February 25th. This is our last un-sponsored Manhattan show for the near future, and this may be your last chance to see us perform in Manhattan. After this, we are going to be performing exclusively within larger events such as the Clockwork ball in NJ, Steampunk World's Fair, and others, most of which will not be in NYC. It's a tough time for steampunk music in Manhattan bars, but we're glad we got to play so many shows over the past few years. Please come by on Feb 25 and say hi!

We perform at 7pm, on Thursday 2/25/10
at Bar East
1733 First Ave, between 89th and 90th street (lower level, under actual bar)
$10, 21+

If you're free, please come out and support steampunk music!
Facebook event:

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