Guinevere (parallel_rose) wrote in steamgoth,

abandoned power station

Last Saturday, Steward Noack (of House of Indulgence) and I went to an abandoned power station to take some pictures for Psyche Corporation. They turned out great! There are a bunch of them below, and more at the official Psyche Corp. photobucket here.

Here's that Humanoid Air Recycling Unit again..

Here is a thing that looked like a steering wheel, and me getting in the way.

And here's the Humanoid Air Recycling Unit on break.

Then we have me climbing out of a second story window above a very high doorway. This was very dangerous, and it takes special stupidity to try it. I happened to be lucky..

Foolish consideration:



Enjoy! Feel free to post these pictures around and credit Psyche Corporation.

...and if you want to find out more about Psyche Corporation, here are some links:
Our first music video:
If you're in Philly June 12th, we'll be performing at Dorian's Parlor, and if you're in NYC on June 26th, we're performing at The Scarlette Parlour.

Edit: May 30, 2010 I re-uploaded the pictures to my band website's server and changed the links to that instead of the photobucket account because of bandwidth issues at the photobucket account.

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