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16 September 2010 @ 12:00 am
new song from Psyche Corp.  
Psyche Corporation has just released an unusual new song which incorporates poliovirus DNA into its percussion (there's a reason why it's poliovirus in particular, but the answer is a long story). You can listen to it streaming at http://myspace.com/psychecorp
The song's name is "Pound of Flesh". (Lyrics here.)

Psyche Corporation is part of the Gilded Age Records steampunk music label and its music has often been described as dark victorian fairytale science fiction.

To say a little more about "Pound of Flesh", it is themed on the risks and sacrifices that sometimes come with accessing knowledge or making knowledge accessible to others, and takes the general form of a talk the narrator is having with her disease.

Hope you enjoy!


photo of Psyche Corporation by Kyle Cassidy, clothing by KVO Designs.