Steamy Goth band Ghostfire's new single, 'The Last Steampunk Waltz' b/w 'Hand of Glory',  is released as a digital download on Monday April 5th.


You will be able to find it on iTunes, eMusic, Napster, amazonmp3,, Sony Ericsson, Shazam, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone Live!, Spotify,, T-Mobile, Rhapsody, HMV, Tesco and Orange.

Not into downloads? Fear not. The physical CD is released on April 24th and pre-orders are being taken on the Ghostfire website right now!. A mere £3.50. Get your copy here:

Psyche Corporation and the Court of Lazarus

The contorting corset-clad concert known as Psyche Corporation, will be performing Sunday, March 21st, at The Slipper Room for the Court of Lazarus. Psyche Corp. recently joined the steampunk label, Gilded Age Records, and has been producing music with electro-victorian themes for over four years and hails from a world of downloadable dreams accessed through neural implants. This is our LAST Manhattan show for the near future. Please come by!

Click here for the Facebook event.

summary and links:
Psyche Corporation
Sunday, March 21, 2010
Doors at 9pm
The Slipper Room @ 167 Orchard Street, Manhattan NYC
Dark Formal Dress required